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Every year members of Loggia Glen Cove volunteer their time and effort and make material contributions to various charities and non-profit organizations, both directly and through participation in programs sponsored by the Grand Lodge of New York State. The Lodge has several committees that focus on specific charitable programs:

Commission for Social Justice logo Commission for Social Justice (CSJ) - Lodge Liason: Sr. Phyllis Cerullo - District II Chairperson: Br. Lee Cerullo - The CSJ is the Italian anti-defamation league whose slogan is "Fighting Bias - Building Pride." The CSJ has successfully championed for the equal treatment and unbiased portrayal of Italians and Italian-Americans in all aspects of American life. Note these OSIA press releases.

Gift of Sight Gift of Sight - Chairperson: Sr. Nina Trolio - This organization is actively promoting research and advancements in the treatment of eye diseases. The Gift of Sight contributes toward medical care and equipment for individuals with sight impairment.

Cooley's Anemia Foundation logo Cooley's Anemia Foundation - Chairperson: Br. John Macari - Cooley's Anemia is a severe form of Thalessemia, a genetically carried blood disorder, that occurs more frequently in individuals of Mediterranean decent. OSIA is making a major effort through the CAF to advance treatment for this disease and to fund research that will ultimately result in a cure for Thalessemia.

Donations from the lodge also help to support the Garibaldi Meucci Museum. The museum is located in Staten Island, New York (718-442-1608) and its stated purpose is "to collect, preserve and interpret history of the Italian Community." The museum was the home of Italian inventor Antonio Meucci and refuge of Italian patriot Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Among the other organizations and causes that Loggia Glen Cove supports are the Alzheimers Association and the Arthritis Foundation.