The Rialto Bridge spans well known sites found in New York and Italy The Golden Lion, the OSIA symbol The Golden Lion, the OSIA symbol The Statue of Liberty, New York The Rialto Bridge, Venice Rialto Bridge, Venice Rialto Bridge, Venice Gazeebo, Morgan Park, Glen Cove Loggia 1016 headquarters Municipio, Sturno, Avelino Roman Forum Venice Ellis Island, gateway to America The Chrystler Building, New York The Empire State Building, New York Morgan Park, Glen Cove Morgan Park, Glen Cove Italian Olive Tree The New York City skyline Loggia Glen Cove # 1016
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One important objective of OSIA is to encourage and foster the further education of Italian-Americans and to improve the public's understanding and appreciation of issues related to the Italian community. By promoting Italian heritage and traditions, offering courses and lectures on the Italian language and culture, and funding scholarship programs, Loggia Glen Cove supports this important goal.
Loggia Glen Cove, through the Culture and Heritage Committee, schedules lectures, presentations, cultural events and programs that deal with topics of interest to the Italian-American community. Some of the presentations over the past year dealt with such the subjects as: Italian influences in American art and architecture, Italian theatre in New York, landscaping and horticulture, wine making and wine tasting, Italian literature and film, traditional music and dance, Italian history and politics, Italian folklore, Italian cuisine and traveling in Italy. The Culture and Heritage Committee is Chaired by Sr. Kathryn Grande.

Loggia Glen Cove promotes further education by offering a number of annual scholarships to college bound high school seniors. Seniors are encouraged to apply to the Lodge Scholarship Committee for annual stipends that help with the cost of college tuition. For further information please contact the District II Scholarship Chairperson, Br. Angelo Grande.

The lodge also contributes to graduate and undergraduate scholarships offered by the New York State Grand Lodge and the Supreme Lodge. The Grand Lodge of New York offers numerous scholarships and grants each year and the national organization has provided over $31 million in scholarship money!
The University of Bologna, founded in 1088, is the oldest 
 University in the world.
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